Galileo destroyed geocentricism, but it got reconstructed by the unstoppable ambition for connectivity, command and control represented today by the 'saturnesque' ring of artificial geostationary satellites and space junk . And so the Earth became –once again– an immobile object in the centre of a medial universe.

An exercise inside the imperceptible realm of the waves of radioelectric frequencies. To spot and listen both geosynchronous and low elevation orbiters. To locate and observe, like the ornitologist, guided by sound and spectral analysis those victorian age technologies. As backdrop a soundscape captured with a VLF (Very Low Frecuency) receiver to allow the listening pleasure of natural radio phenomena (+EMF contamination).

With the intention of regaining access and control over free information infrastructures we take on a critical stand to reflect on the hegemonial manipulation articulated by the way of dispositifs operating via tele-technologies. From war machine drones to the familiar TeleVision set, in our particular case, we will concentrate on so called Satellites. To listen to them while they scan and transmit. To watch them while they measure. But most importantly to reconsider, rethink and reclaim their use. Be this a call to electronic civil disobedience, culture jamming or noise.

We start at dusk by deploying UHF and S-band satcom antennas. Pointing at articular Azimuth and Elevation crossings so to catch them as the ornithologist do, by ear.

As a we perform, we revisit the text of a forgotten 'love letter', one of those that never got to it's destination/addresse. Agambenian sensadestinazione. Signed by 8 ecuatorial countries in 1976 and called: The Bogota Declaration.
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Con la intención de lograr acceder a una infraestructura libre para el intercambio de información y saberes, abordaremos con posición critica esa hegemónica manipulación articulada vía tele-tecnologías y ejercida a través de satélites. Los escucharemos escuchando. Los veremos observando. Pero mas importante aun, reconsideráremos las diferentes maneras para reclamar sus usos y darles algún otro fin. Sea este un llamado a la desobedicencia civil, "culture jamming" o al arte del sonido y el performance. Para nuestro caso, "No hace falta lanzar mas basura al espacio!"
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