·Project by: David García Casado & Esperanza Collado Sánchez + Alejandro Duque y Jose Luis Brea en la version #1

·Collaborators: Miguel Angel Barba, Alejo Duque, Bruno Marcos, La Societé Anonyme, Jose Luis Brea, Inma Core, Armando Montesinos, David Loss.

·Physical Base: Cuenca -Spain-

·Description of the site: Schema and Appendix are both products of schema team. Schema consists of three review numbers devoted to the problems of identity, spectacle and representation in the context of media theory. In there you can find texts and net pieces and also documents of activities developed in our own work context. Every number is created from specific problems according to our representational needs.

Appendix is an extension of Schema in which non sense and non defined relationships can take place without identification effects.

Appendix has been selected for the e-show NO+TV http://aleph-arts.org/no+tv