high and low fast and slow
join beyond fear
-are you coming..!?? or better arriving? cause, you come, when you fuck..!

-i guess im just crashing...

(short talk before the accident 01:06:00pm 13/08/2000)

sound energy drift within
object trouve (web#553) a fight for money, near the end of the story.
papparazis never caught the idea. (they where watching someone dancing madona songs, like a breakdancer..) it was all about a esquizo trip through an airport tunnel, planes, timezones, lenguages, sickness..no t.v, no web, or similar kind of dope, just sure shots in the brain. Isotope Es 254, not to be mistaken with Isotropic who is an indefense (though a bit freaky) sign.
sound drift

-"i want the kind of night that you read about, you know, the one that you find in the talk shows"
-if you think the tram is too slow, you should..
surf da vinyl
slow down
....over and over again and again, and over again...
wanna feel high
..follow these lines
wanna touch sky
doing click-flash and crack while the story was over
open eyes go with the flow
float beyond desire
flow within