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04/30/01 - 04:00pm
Lime Wire proudly announces the release of LimeWire 1.3
Download LimeWire
 (Please share LimeWire installers with a friend)

Here are the Installers for Version 1.3 of Lime Wire
(LimeWire 1.0 and later users of Windows and Unix try the built in update)
Windows (Gnutelliums) (Alternate Site) (Europe) 5.6mb
Macintosh (Gnutelliums) (Alternate Site) (Europe) 7.5mb
Macintosh OSX (Gnutelliums) (Alternate Site) 3.3mb
Linux (Gnutelliums) (Alternate Site) (Europe) 10.7mb
Solaris (Gnutelliums) (Alternate Site) 7.8mb
Other* (Gnutelliums) (Alternate Site) 3.3mb
*requires local JRE or JVM
 install with command: java -classpath install

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to right click on the Linux and Solaris version and select "Save Target As" to get these to download properly.

For installation help, refer to the support documents.

Here are the LimeWire Screensavers
Windows screensaver dark 3.4mb
Windows screensaver light

Please take a few moments to tell us what you think about LimeWire:
  - feedback form

Refer here for further information:
  - Online Documentation
  - Frequently Asked Questions
  - Screenshots
  - New Features

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