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04/30/01 - 04:00pm
Lime Wire proudly announces the release of LimeWire 1.3
Lime Wire Features 1.3

New features in LimeWire 1.3:

  • Automatic update on all platforms
  • Ultra-fast connect gets you on the network quickly
  • Smart downloading is now even smarter and more aggressive
  • Resume feature works "across hosts" both automatically and manually
  • Library now shows (but doesn't share) Incomplete directory
  • Partial files remain in Incomplete directory if download fails
  • More aggressive promotion of Incoming connections
  • Tighter and more usable GUI real-estate
  • Overall performance improvements, particularly when sharing many files
  • Smaller download size for all installers

In addition, we've fixed the following bugs in LimeWire 1.3:

  • Japanese-language Mac problems fixed
  • Zero speed bug in smart downloader fixed
  • Mac out-of-memory errors limited
  • Java 1.2.2 and Java 1.3 bug on smart downloading fixed

LimeWire 1.3 introduces some brand new features not yet seen on the Gnutella Network. Smart downloading is smarter and better than ever, and the GUI has been reconfigured for ease of use. The Resume feature works "across hosts," so that you can resume an interrupted download from any host who has the file you were downloading. In addition, the LimeWire 1.3 installer is significantly smaller than in previous versions, and the improved Connect feature gets you online and sharing as fast as possible.

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Lime Wire Features 1.2

Exciting new features in LimeWire 1.2:

  • Smart downloads.
  • Dynamic similar file grouping added.
  • Major fixes to the Mac version. Some Macintosh users have reported freeze-up problems. We identified and fixed an inconsistency in the JMV for Mac that solves these issues.
  • Browser blocking causes less overhead.
  • "Cannot move to Library" problem has been solved.

Our latest version groups similar files together for you dynamically. Using our new Smart Downloading technology, LimeWire 1.2 takes advantage of these groups to increase the chances of a successful download. Our Smart Downloaders successively try to download each available copy of a requested file until one is successfully downloaded. Smart Downloading makes downloading popular content nearly 100% successful.

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Lime Wire Features 1.1

We've made the following changes in version 1.1:

  • Added restrict uploads per person option.
  • Report more client specific download errors.
  • Better handling of client uploads and downloads.
  • More robust push downloads.
  • Fixes to Library Manager.
  • Cleanup of configuration options.

Also, this version of LimeWire is the first to depreference uploads to the original Gnutella 0.56 client. Though the original client was a revolutionary piece of software when it was first released, we believe that the lack of any recent development on this client has caused it to be detrimental to the network as a whole. In doing this, we hope to encourage people to download and run a more current Gnutella client.

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Lime Wire Features 1.0

It is very important for users to upgrade to this version. Why?
This version of LimeWire is the first Gnutella client to totally block website and web browser access. These users are not sharing content on the Gnutella network but they routinely use 50% or more of the download availability. This is what causes most Gnutella user downloads to fail. If we all do not take steps to improve content sharing on the network, the present download situation will not improve. Currently, new users to the Gnutella network all too often become discouraged when unable to download content and they leave.

Built-in client update capabilities.
Display search results from extended-protocol clients.
Web browser upload blocking.
Fixed Macintosh performance issues.
Connection cleanup fixes.
Handle rmj and lmt media file types.

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Lime Wire Features 0.6d

This version introduces the ability to connect to Gnutella groups based on network speed, content and geography. These groups are inclusive rather than exclusive to other Gnutella users. The manual use of network speed groups should help to scale the gnutella network.

Network scalability has also been addressed with the help of's gnucache and our server based network discoverers. Clients will be given connections that should allow a tiered, speed based network configuration.

Client upload incompatibilities have been solved. LimeWire should have as high a success rate in downloads as is physically possible on the current Gnutella network.

We have enhanced the power of the shared library. Users can now access and manage their content library totally within LimeWire.

We have totally enabled the forced IP option to allow port forwarding behind a firewall.

We have added new connection preferencing options to control freeloading on the Gnutella network. Users can be as strict as they like in connecting with others that do not share content. If good quality connections run out, a gnucache will be reconnected for quality connections. The quality of user connections is more evident in the enhanced connection table.

There has recently been a problem with large garbage queries clogging the network. These queries are now prevented by default from flooding the network and are filtered out of the monitor window.

LimeWire is now 100% complient with the Clip2 Reflector. Modem users can get a better experience through reflectors.

Users are more likely to be able to download from firewalled users.

LimeWire startup time has been reduced and shared files are now scanned in the background.

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