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                              the fallacy of realtime mapping
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                                 k2o             S.O.U.P
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S.O.U.P [The Shapes of Unwaerped Packects] a collaboration with Lorenz Schori

During the last 6 years (2002 onwards) we have seen and lived as users the rise of the so called wireless communications, alonside of course the commercial upcoming of all sort of "location aware devices" (g.p.s enabled mobile phones, pda's, etc. capable of locating and connecting the user to both planetary coordinates and the "internet of things" meshworks) Since then, we have gathered all kinds of logs of data. In my particular case from bike rides, mountain trips, international border crossings to South American getting losts in-to massive cities like Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena (in Colombia) or New York and Basel in the rich bored and educated side of the globe.

All that gathered data we thought to make use in the way of sound and image, this lead to the field of augemented reality developments focused on the idea of mapping every human act.

Our first project was a collaboration which main interest was bringing together wireless sniffer applications with 3D modeling software (kismet+fluxus), then music and OSC (open sound control) so to achive audible packets. Recently we integrated GPSD so to allow trajectory animation in realtime. A line of events that relate to: How we move in the cities thus allowing the visitor/navigator/user to revisit the moment and follow it in time moving fwd or backwards in the timeline of the derive. Time interactaction with sound and objects that represent the place s/he also dwells.

Following the question, how to map ourselves in the mixed reality? we came to develop this projects cause of the needs and interests on using the long logs of wardriving data gathered here and elsewhere.

Is clear that theres no need to always begin from scratch and create "new" tools (the GNU/LINUX world is full&growing with great tools) but to find the way how to make interact those already there according to one's needs and expectations. For acomplishing this artistic treat we are building bridges to get PureData (Pd www.puredata.org) and OpenGL applications able to receive G.P.S and wireless data (Kismet www.kismetwireless.net) in real time.

some referent urls from side projects that lead to S.O.U.P are:

* http://www.dorkbot.org/dorkbotmde [pushing our local dorkbot in medellin colombia]

* http://mdelibre.co/dorkbotmde/k.0_lab/___knoc__out___lab___/WiFi/indexWiFi.html

* http://www.altred.net/ [open wireless movement]

S.O.U.P is focused on taking part on the development of the potential uses of the datasphere. we stand for the open source model and share online our ideas and interests.

The present state of our project gathers work presented in Riga earlier in 2005 http://rixc.lv/sp/en.html our participation in the Piksel festival in Norway http://www.piksel.no/piksel05 where collaborated with the DRONE collective from Canada, a paper presentation for the VIPER festival http://www.viper.ch/, some workshop in the school of arts in Marseille and a workshop in Basel at the plug-in gallery (see also this). S.O.U.P is the base for another collaboration called BereBere that wanders the planet.

Our interests found a place for reflection in so called "new" media art festivals and symposiums, we have had the chance to embed our projects in the realm the artistic and software development discussions making it both a test ground as a conceptual experience towards the development and understanding of future projects.

Because of the modular and open approach of our research, future development can go into a variety of directions and applications. We are looking for the crossings between computing and wireless thecnologies. Interested in the practice and integration of them into the "everyday life" and specially for that moment when they become indistinguishable from everyday activities.

Fields towards which we look to further S.O.U.P development are:

* porting the software to PDA to achieve mobile data feeds

* install the software onto firmware of accesspoints

* setting up an online repository of data gathered on and offline from

different cities around the world.

* integrating gsm and/or bluetooth technology

* crossing development with the new forms and concepts of architecture

Linux emmbeded devices:

Linux on a swisscom PDA