/* alejo duque [alejoduqueATgmail.com]
                     5° 47' de Latitud Norte; 0° 57' 17'' longitud Este

   [1.432mts Cross] 
                    o [Border patrol]
                       X [potable water]                                       [CoyotEU Contact]
                       |                                                              X
                       |__                [Last Bus Stop]          _---------___---__/
                          \___                   X                /
                              \            _____/ \              /
                               \          /        \            /
                                \       _/          \----------
      [safe place where to rest] X    _/
                                  \  /


2002 | Trafficking The Illicit

"Addiction and urge are our possibilities..." -missquote from Being and time-

[excerpt] Where are those potatos you eat coming from, Belguim? Ours come from a desert like region in Colombia, a place 2 hours far from Bogota. coordinates: 5° 47' de Latitud Norte; 0° 57' 17'' longitud Este. The potato was taken a long time ago from the Andes mountains in South America and smuggled into Europe. There are more than 500 different potato varieties the ones from Boyaca are made of the same ground that made up my friend Manuel. Manuel makes dishes 10 hours per day, his backache is well known by many so called chamanes that steal the money from western mystical Europeans (long live this tradition). Officially deported from Europe twice, Manuel knows his way back in though, on foot, to Switzerland where he makes "clean" switz francs working underground doing dishes for a restaurant were bankers that move "dirty" money from country to country come to eat Rsti (the typical swiss potato dish). I met Manuel 5 years ago since each day at night he religiously visits the telephone shop were other inmigrants gather, to get let them know about the money they are going to receive via moneygram, western union or a close friend whos going to pick up some good kilogram of high quality cocaine to port in his stomach.

When Europe or the Americans import drugs, they also import us, porters that carry and hand the deal. This world belives it can dispose humans elsewhere, they believe that the latin american takeover of wont happen? They belive that all imigrants including Black Americans, Pakistanis, Indians, Arabs, Asiatic and Africans will never be able to organize themselves into Banks, Traders and Brokers. We are probing networks that have inverted the capitalistic cultural crusade, re-appropriating methods and technics to liberate and propagate ourselves through new technologies. As it has served to trace the routes for cocaine, heroine and marihuana arriving to Bricklane, Les Marais or the Red Line Distric in Hamburg, GPS has, for example, helped many of our friends navigate through the Alps mountains and across central european borders. In few years we will lead a revolution that will take many by surprise, not us since we know it began long ago in slow moves, we have seen how to potentialize the military leftovers of the first world.

[Text+GPS data logs published 1st via Acustic Space -TCM- Trans Cultural Mapping RIXC Latvia. Then via el-cartel. Tx! to manuel sanchez & johannes heide]