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                     ...y esta era la "famosa" casa de Rene Higuita

inspirado por los noticieros de la noche from aleij on Vimeo.


2000 | Narcotextura

After some talks with my friend Catalina S, we got carried away by the notions of how surfaces deeply represent the structures of a society. This video shoot is a 2 min shot of Rene Higuita's house in Medellin. The house is abandoned, its doors and windows are blocked like if there was something to protect, a secret inside. This is just one of many more and don't even dream about squatting or use them as shelter for the so many displaced people that comes every week to the big cities. this house shows the real mentality of the paisa, when you dont see this, you will have a thick layer of cosmetic maquillaje. Like the one of the TV presenter. Like her big fake boobs of falling silicona (reason why Medellin is a.k.a the silicona valley). As the video says, for better news just turn on the TV and see mainstream media. This short video is just a short harsh plain critic.

[2min. video]